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Atak terrorystyczny - opowiadanie

Autor /IropyipType Dodano /05.05.2007

Yesterday the people who attended the opening ceremony of the new hospital in the centre of Los Angeles had really horrifying moments. The ceremony started at 9 A.M. with the opening speech delivered by the mayor in the hearing of the local authorities, the personnel of the hospital, businessmen, reporters and other people. The speech nearly ended when several armed men jumped onto the stage, captured the mayor and using the stage microphone announced that all people in the building were taken as hostages. They also informed about a hidden bomb planted in the hospital which might be triggered off. They said the bomb had been remotely controlled by their boss. The terrorists used the reporters to inform the media and the local police about the situation. In a few minutes time the building was surrounded by considerable police forces. The terrorists revealed to the police negotiator their demands. They required an immediate and unconditional release of a world-wide known terrorist nicknamed Rascal, imprisoned in a well guarded prison in the neighbouring state. Moreover they wanted their accomplice to be delivered to the hospital in a helicopter using which they might leave the scene. The time limit set was three hours. After the time expiry, without meeting their conditions, they threatened to blast the building. The time went on and the situation was getting worse and worse. Under the stress situation some hostages had heart and nervous problems. The terrorists were becoming even more rude and violent. The police wanted to win some time in order to find and disactivate the bomb. The negotiator convinced the terrorists that the transportation of Rascal takes more then tree hours. The terrorists agreed to put off the deadline by one hour. The time was used successfully by the police who entered the building unnoticed, found the bomb and disactivated it` s control unite. They did it five minutes before the set deadline. After that the helicopter with antiterrorist group instead of freed Rascal landed on the hospital` s roof. When the terrorists noticed the trick they tried to blast the hospital off. But they pressed the button on the remote control invade. The bomb had already defused. The antiterrorist easily captured the confused terrorists. Happily nobody was hurt.

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