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Animals - wypracowanie

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

What are animals for people? Do people need them? How do we treat animals? We often may ask these questions. Animals have always existed in human life. A long time ago people ate meat and wore clothes made from leather. Today we breed animals like cows, sheep, pigs, hens and others for food. We often don’t imagine living without meat, milk, eggs. We also like wearing furs, leather coats and gloves and we don’t realise how many animals had to death to make our life easier.

Although many people couldn’t kill any animal on their own, they often profit from killing. They don’t feel responsible for animals’ death. We don’t know, how often animals are tormented by humans. We don’t realise that we take away the place to live from poor animals. We build more and more factories, cities, housing estates and cut more and more forests. Animals are killed or they die as the result of famine or they are put in Zoo’s, where they don’t feel good.

Another problem is that people often kill animals for fun. In fact, a lot of men like hunting. They claim that it gives them real satisfaction, it is the proof of their strength and it helps them to relieve stress. Thoughtless killing exists, for example, in Spain, when once a year toreadors kill some thousands of bulls or in Britain, where there is tradition that rich people organise dogs’ fights or fox hunting.

A very important problem is, that there are many stray dogs and cats in spite of the fact that law establishes fines for it. People, who don’t want to have an animal, throw out their pets on the street instead of giving them to the kennels. It is the reason of suffering of many animals in the world. It is also dangerous for people because a lot of animals may carry serious diseases.

Besides, we often hear that scientists make experiments on animals. We don’t realise that animals are tortured, whilst it isn’t always needed. Many rats and mice are bred only for these experiments.

In my opinion animals are very needed for human life but people’s activity is often a major cause of death and suffering of many of them. I think that many centuries ago, when there weren’t artificial materials and people needed fur from animals to protect themselves against cold, killing animals for it was justified. But today, when we can make clothes from other materials, killing animals is immoral and barbarous. In my point of view nowadays we have to care for rare species of animals instead of killing them. But I will always admire vegetarians, who never eat meat and replace sausages or ham with salad or soya cutlets.

replace sth with sth - zastępować coś czymś

housing estates - osiedla

admire - podziwiać

justified - uzasadnione

artificial - sztuczne

mice - myszy

rat - szczur

kennel - schronisko

stray - bezpańskie

proof - dowód

tormented - męczone

leather - skóra zwierzęca

breed - hodować

thoughtless - bezmyślne

hen - kura

housing estate - osiedle

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