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An unexpecting evening

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

It was a warm and starry night. I was making some tea for us as usual. We were alone in a big house with no TV, no telephone and no electricity. I heard only fireplace but suddenly Mike said: "Dorothy, I think you should stop making it and come here for a while!" I was afraid. I thought nothing could disturb our calm and silence that evening. We decided to go there just for taking a break and to spend a week of that year's holidays together.

I prepared for them for a long time. In spring Mike said, that we should spend some time together, without tourists and beaches full of people. He kept me in uncertainty till the week before leaving. I knew only that I had to take some clothes (but not for special occasions) and some food. I should tell my parents that we were leaving for a week. I trusted him; he knew what to do. I packed everything: clothes (warm sweaters too), food, pans, mugs and a good mood of course. That was the most important thing as it came out later.

After all we had some days just for us. We didn't need anything - just our presence. Something completely unexpected happened each day. And completely unexpected was also THAT day. I felt something inside in the morning but I just got up and made breakfast. After that we went for a walk. Our house had a marvelous view for a lake and a gorgeous garden. It was so wonderful that we were talking mostly without words. We usually drank tea in the evenings, so I made some. And on that moment something incredible happened...

I took our mugs to the living - room. I couldn't notice Mike by the fireplace. One moment later I saw him. He had a big bouquet of roses in his hands and he kneeled in front of me. I remember only two things: he had a ring and he asked: "Will you marry me, Dorothy?" I didn't have to think twice about that. I knew the answer a long time ago. But I was a little bit surprised, but nicely surprised. I said: "Yes!" and he kissed me. It was a long and passionate kiss...

Next day we came back home and we were planning our Wedding.

I felt happy before leaving because of spending some days only with Mike. We were happy together, it was wonderful, but marriage at once? Since that moment my life has made sense. I'm in love and nothing could stop that feeling. I will be happy with Mike till the end... We got involved in our love with all senses...

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