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Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

In my opinion an ideal school is a place friendly for students and teachers. Teachers are nice for pupils and inverse. Here every peoples are indulgent for self. In one word every are nice to every. Classes count up to twenty persons - about ten boys and ten girls. In ideal school can't out of place for invalids. I think so in every class should be at least two invalids, and classrooms will be prepared for those peoples. Lessons go on in clean, nice classrooms.

Every pupils has stable workplace, where they can put books, notebooks and the rest. On all desks is computer. Computers are connected to local area network and internet. It enable tracing information on many, many subjects. Even if student is absent he can listen to lesson by Internet. Except traditional items teach here sociology, psychology, ethics, and for willing advanced informatics, however all pupils must learn duty basic of informatics because it is necessary to life. Knowledge will be test to effect. In ideal school also care for pupil's health and organize many, many sport games.

In all classrooms stand table with fruit and juices. In ideal school should be at least one big gymnastic hall, swimming pool, universal stadium for football, baseball and light athletic. In school of my dreams are three month summer vacation and two month winter ferries. Enrich businessmens invests in school, country give money. For that reason students can travel on trips to all countries. When student passed the last exam, he will be prepared to life in society.

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