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An essay about this and that

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

I have a very eccentric neighbour. He is really strange. He used to be an employee at a data processing department but then they sacked him. The main reason was his hobby - phisics. He is a sciencist and makes lots of researches so sometimes he doesn't leave his house for a couple of days. Very often he was absent in the office so no wonder they fired him.

Anyway recently he came to my house. He seemed to be excited and was shouting: " I did it!" all the time. I asked him what had happened? He replied he had built a time vehicle. That was unbelievable. I was astonished by the fact that such a wise man could say such a crap. But I decided to visit his house or rather the garage. What I saw there was worse than a hairdryer on wheels.

The news about his developement had to spread quickly around our street because after a while everyone living in the neighbourhood came to the garage. They wondered how the time vehicle works? The sciencist told us that the most important part of the machine was a jet engine. When the drive makes the machine move with the speed of 100km/hour it jumps into another time dimension.

I didn't want to believe that this inferior vehicle works. Especially when he asked us to donate some money for his research. I was almost sure that he just wants to rip us off. But it wasn't truth. In fact he needed the money because he had bought a lot of gold, which has a number of industrial uses (it is very workable and conducts electricity), and which he used to make the wires. I opposed giving him money because I could see a bar of gold laying on the desk! It had had to be bought on a black market because I couldn't see the hallmark on it. The wise man explained that he needed this bar as a fuel!

We gave him what we had but under the condition of showing us the time jump. I couldn't believe my ears when he proposed me to make a time journey. But I agreed ( which was the most stupid thing I could do).

First of all I had to read a special booklet in order to take the safety precautions. Then I was tought to steer the vehicle and set out for my first time travel. Our street is quite long so I reached the speed of 100km/hour and disappeared just before the first crossroad. The only thing I can remember was an unbelievably bright flash. Then I could see an infinitive blackness around me. After that I passed out.

I woke up sitting in the vehicle in a middle of nowhere. I was on a desert. I was just about to come back to 'our times' when I saw a town in a distance. I decided to go there to find out if I am really in another time dimension. When I reached the town it showed up that I am in the Wild West. It was very dangerouse town. I guess it was the time of the gold rush then because I could see many miners hanging around the streets after a few pints of beer. It wasn't a place for me so I came back to the vehicle. But someone destroyed it while I was in the town...

Now I am sitting at the table drinking whiskey, smoking a hand-rolled blend-tobacco fag and writing this. The saloon-keeper is looking at me angrily because I owe him some money. I guess there will be a duel tomorrow morning...

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