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Alcoholics and drug addicts should be separated from the society.Do you agree?

Autor /naireUnixRink Dodano /12.05.2005

Alcoholics and drug addicts should be separated from the society. Do you agree?

Alcohol and drug use can progress into addiction so easyly that sometimes people do not realize how fast it becomes a disease. Most of people who decided to stop drinking do so without any outside help. They simply make up their minds to stop their drinking patterns, but of course there is a lot of people that are really "heavy drinkers". With drugs problem the is more complicated. Pills such as cocaine and heroine are extremely addictive. These people need help from they own surrounding.
In the first place all of us, as a society, we have to remember that addictions can cause serious menace for our health and life. Abuse of alcohol brings e.g. damages of brain and heart muscle or kidney disease. Mainly it refers to young people, when their bodies are still growing. It is thought that taking or drinking it is a case of willpower and that it is connected only with person who suffer for disease. In fact it is proved that this is a huge biopsychological problem with a strong genetic influence. Drug or alcohol addiction is a result of neurochemical changes that had occured in brain by taking more and more. Necessity of taking effects stealing and lying to everyone from their surrounding.
Consequently those people need help. The treatment is always very long ( minimum 6 months). Of course "forbidden fruit is the sweetest" and that is why it has to be provided by a strong willing of addicted person to recover. In emergency cases such as overdose detox has to be done. After that addicted person can use a help from groups like "AA" ( "Alcoholics Anonymous") or Polish "Monar". They are taking parts in meetings and they are talking, mainly about how it has started and how did they found help. It is a good question: how did it happend? Mostly because of problems that addicted people can not solve on their own. They start taking or drinking and somehow it brings much more problems that they have before. The circle is closing and they become more and more frustrated. That is why they need help from their surrounding. One of psychologists says that addicted people can help themselves by changing feelings. They should think possitive about the way they live and they have to face the challenge. That is why they need help, because when addicted person sees that his family loves him and he is a special and important for them he will feel better. Love and feeling safety can be blessing with solving the problem of addiction.
On the other hand usually close persons suffer as much as addicted one, specially childen. They are often beaten and unfed. They can see how their parents destroy their lifes e.g. spending whole money for drugs or alcohol. That is why there is an extreme need for help from adult members of family, friends and psychologist.
To sum up, addicted person feels as a stranger, he is frustrated and left with his problems alone. We as a society can not imagine how paintful it can be and how difficult to solve. It means that sometimes they can not do it by themselves, but with our help it could be done.

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