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AIDS - the terrible disease of present days

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

AIDS is a sickness that attacks the body's natural defence system against disease. AIDS itself does not kill, but because the body's defence system is damaged, the patient has a reduced ability to fight off many other diseases including flu or the common cold.

It has been reported that about 10 million people worldwide may have been infected by the virus that causes AIDS. 350 thousand people are estimated to have the disease and that another million may get it within the next five years. Africa and South America are the continents where AIDS is most rampant, although in the USA alone, about 50000 people have already died of AIDS.

So far there is no cure for AIDS. We know that AIDS is caused by a virus which invades healthy cells, including the white blood cells that are part of our defence system. The virus takes control of the healthy cell's genetic material and forces the cells to make a copy of the virus. The cell then dies and the multipled virus moves on to invade and kill other healthy cells.

The AIDS virus can be passed on sexually or by sharing needles used to inject drugs. It also can be passed in blood products or from a pregnant woman with AIDS to her baby.

Many stories about the spread of AIDS are definitely false. One cannot get it by working with someone who's got it, or by going to the same school, or by touching objects belonging to an infected person. Nobody caring for an AIDS patient has developed AIDS himself/herself so far. We should learn as much as it possible about AIDS and, since there isn't any cure for it at present, be as helpful and understanding as possible to those suffering from this terrible disease.

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