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Accident in Roswell

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

It was year 1947. Over Mexico, states of Arizona and New Mexico many people saw Unidentified Flying Objects in short form UFOs. Mr. And Mrs. Wilmotow from Roswell in New Mexico saw big, bright object which had flown over their house on 2nd of July. And then a farmer - William Brazel, from the same city, saw the same object moving towards north - west. At few seconds later UFO had exploded. It was 2 am. At 3 am Military Police patrol was at crash site. Major Jess Marcel and officer Cavitt were there too. They has found space ship wreck. It was made from some thin metal similar to aluminium foil. Inside MP had found 4 humanoid, dead, alien life forms. There were some unexplained hieroglyphs on every side of space ship wreck. At 3:30 am a large truck has arrived from Roswell Air Force Base. At least 15 soldiers were there gathering parts which were spilled all over crash site.

There was statement about last night incident at 7 am, at Roswell Air Force Base. Meteorologist has said that, that was Meteo Balloon. Eye witness, reporter McBoyle had telephoned local radio at 5 am. He was talking about that crash but suddenly Military Police had entered that talk and those words could been heard.

"Caution! Do not tell anything I repeat do not tell anything. You are under threat. Break connection. Now!"

That is all what had saw day light. But there is many more things which are secured in archives in Area 51.

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