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A trip on Pogoria

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

Our wonderful trip with Pogoria begun on Palma de Mallorca, but before we got there, we had to go by bus to Warsaw- Okecie where were waiting for the plane a few hours. In my opinion the flight was fantastic. Maybe it made such an impression for me, because it was the first time I was flying with a plane. We arrived on Mallorca about nine-o clock, the weather wasn't like we've expected but despite that fact, we had a really great time there walking through the lovely streets, looking at those beautiful old houses and visiting some monuments, like the Gothic Cathedral of la Seu or the old town with its elegant mansions and shops. What's more, I noticed that people there are very kind, they smiled at us and even when they didn't understand English, they tried to answer our questions. It was really funny.

We left Mallorca about 10 p.m. and our adventure begun with this moment. Our crew was seperated into for groups. My team's "boss" was father Kołodziejczyk, who had to watch if our crew was orderly working and of course he had to help us too.

We were swimming the whole night and day and it were the worst days of our trip, because the water was very waviness and almost everyone together with me was suffering from seasickness. Despite our terrible feeling our crew was supposed to do the dinner, but finally nobody went under the deck, because it was the worst place during such a trip in which you feel like you would explode in a second. All sick people were lying on the deck and it was looking like if we were dead or rescued from another sinking ship. The atmosphere was great that time.

We arrived in Barcelona in the evening and after everyone took a bath and got ready father Kołodziejczyk decided to take a walk to the center of Barcelona. It didn't take us a long time because our yacht was moored very close to the center.

We could spend the whole next day visiting this wonderful city. We were looking at various quarters and places in the city from a special bus for tourists. We saw the works of an incredible artist-architect, whose name was Gaudi. It were houses like Passeig de Gracia, wonderful park Guell, where we have spend some time, and the symbol of Barcelona all over the world- the Sagrada Familia. I have never seen such a weird but how beautiful cathedral. I was starring at it about ten minutes. We have seen much more monuments that day, like the futbol club Barcelona and some squares, but maybe I'll stop on the most interesting.

We've left Barcelona about 4 in the morning the next day. Our next destination was Monte Carlo, but it was also the longest trip. It took the whole day, night and a bit of another day. I felt a little bit better, but not only me- also the rest felt better. I think we got used to it and we didn't feel the higher waves anymore. In addition they were much quietly than two days ago.

We helped with the sails, cleaned the yacht, made food, and it wasn't a problem anymore to go under the deck.

Also interesting on Pogoria was that we had to stand up, for instance at four o clock, and stand on the front of the yacht and look for other ships swimming our way. It is called "staying on eye" .The length of such "staying on eye" could take an hour and half if we didn't want to steer the yacht, which was also our task.

And at nine a clock we moored to Monte Carlo. I've been there earlier with my parents and on Pogoria in February but despite that I was again under impression.

And the weather was really wonderful this day. The sun was shinning brightly, and I couldn't wait walking out of the yacht. But then suddenly father Kołodziejczyk said that someone, who was here last time in February and who was from our crew, has to stay on the yacht, because it was our turn to guard it. They made a lottery and wrote down on small papers all those, who were there in February. Finally someone took the paper with my name and I had to stay until 14.00 on the yacht without leaving it. My friend offered to stay with me, and after we were sitting in such hot in one place for about 4 hours, we could go and visit the town on our own.

I stopped regretting not having gone with the rest people, because I could show my friend the best things in Monte Carlo by myself. So we started from the Grimaldi's palace on an elevation. We could admire wonderful sights on the beautiful light blue see and the rest of the city from there. We went back to the center walking through a wonderful park with much of exotic trees, and taking a look on the monuments we were passing by. We also went to see the first church in Monte Carlo, from which the life of this town begun, and the biggest and most famous casino in the world. We ended our visiting with going to a supermarket and on the very end eating a pizza in the harbour with a fantastic look on the big and how exclusive yachts and behind them the see which was expecting us in an hour.

Our last trip took one night, so we were in Genoa the next day morning. We visited only the harbour part of the town, and it was really disgusting. The people there were starring at us as if they wanted to rob us in a second, the streets were dirty and stinky. It was really horrible. Only the interiors of the churches were clean. A part of our group visited the oceanarium and the rest including me, as I have been in the oceanarium before, went to visit the churches. We met with that group in the evening and went together to eat something. We expected a tasty Italian pizza, but we finally got that one in pieces, which was almost cold and didn't look tasty. We came back to Pogoria at about 11 p.m. where we met the new crew of Pogoria because we were leaving that night.

Despite that there were some things that I really didn't like, I didn't want to go back home. I really enjoyed those trip and would like to stay another week or even a month longer. But unfortunately it was impossible and I came back to Gdynia at 2 a.m. the 30 of october.

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