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A night in a strange bed

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

Two years ago I went with my parents to New York. They had a deal to do there. We got to the island by airplane. We were going to stay in my father's cousin's house. When we were on our way to New York, I went to sleep. I had a very strange dream about a suicide.

The man was in a place where were lots of people. Everybody was looking on a large screen, but I hadn't seen exactly what was on that screen. Suddenly he saw something and he started to feel very bad. Everyone was acting very nervous. After a while of thinking, he went out of this place. When he arrived at home, he went to his bedroom. He took out a gun from a cupboard. He put the barrel of this gun to his mouth and he committed suicide. Then I woke up. My mother told me to belt up. We landed safely. My father's cousin's driver picked us up from the airport. He took us from the airport to the estate of this cousin. A servant, whose name was Paul, showed us the house. It was very big and old.

It had lot of different rooms. Then he took me to my room. It was on the top floor. It was the largest room of the house. I decided to pack out my clothes. When I was packing out, I heard a loud and terrible scream or moan. I get very scared. I ran to my parents and told them about what had happened to me. They told me that I am tired because of the jet lag. Nervous I went back to my room. I finished packing out and I decided to take a shower. So I went to the bathroom and I made my wish come true. Loads of hot water was falling on my back, when suddenly the hot water turned into icy cold water. I ran out of the shower cabin and I began to dry myself. Unintentionally I looked at the mirror. I saw a man without head from my last dream standing behind me. I turned around in a big hurry, but there was nobody. Instantly I went to my parent's bedroom.

I told them about what happened. But they had ignored me and also asked to go to sleep. So with the speed of light I jumped under my quilt. I was tossing in my bed for a long time. I couldn't fell asleep. But after an hour of torment finally I fell asleep. I dreamt about the man without head. Then suddenly I woke up. I was all wet. Slowly I opened my eyes. I saw the man without head standing in front of my. I was so scared that I couldn't move. After about five seconds I heard the same terrible scream and the man disappeared in the same moment. I was so shocked that I felt asleep instantly. When I woke up in the morning I ran to my parents ver quickly.

I told them about my last night's horror adventure. Although they thought I was crazy, they asked Paul about the man without head. He told us that it was the ghost of the prior owner of the estate. He shot himself after the crash on the Wall Street in October 1929. My father's cousin bought this estate on an auction. The ghost of the man haunts the room where he died. I saw the ghost because I was sleeping in that room. We got out of there as fast as we could.

I think it was my strangest night in any bed.

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