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A letter to the exchange agency

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

Dear Mr and Mrs Williams,

I am writing to ask for information about exchange visits arranged by Your organisation. I read Your advertisement in Polyglot magazine and I would be very grateful, if You could send me further informations about Linguapal.

I am a seventeen-year-old girl from Poland. I live in Koszalin and I go to the Dubois Highschool, which is one of the best highschools in Poland. I am learning two languages, but I am really interested in English language and culture, so I would like to have an exchange with an English girl from London.

My parents are both retired, we have a big house and I am an only child, so I think that comfort would not cause any problems.

I am interested in receiving such informations about Linguapal, as the cost of service, the length of stay and the minimum time to stay. Is it possible to stay only two months? I would like to have an exchange during the summer holidays.

I look forward to hearing from You.

Yours sincerely,


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