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A letter from parents to a host family in USA

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

Dear Sirs,

We are very glad that you will undertake to take care on our son Adam while he is in the United States on a 10 month CET program. We are convinced that he will make no difficulties to you. We believe that you will do your best and will lavish attention on him, particularly at the beginning of his stay in the States. We hope that contact with your children will help him to fit to the new environment. Up to now we had no problems with his behaviour either at school or at home. He is a well regulated boy. We try to have a partner relationship with him. We prefer explain to just order to do or not to do something.

We realize that he may have some problems to find himself as a member of a new family. Therefore we kindly ask you to clarify his responsibilities from the very beginning. It could help him if he would share these responsibilities with other children. Particularly difficult in a new family for a boy are the hygiene problems ( such as washing dirty underwear and clothes, using bath or shower and so on ). Please let him know about your rules. Adam is a very ambitious boy and in the event of beginning problems it can lead to overstrain, so please be in close contact with school and arrange adequte help to ensure necessary rest. He has no preferences about food. Unfortunately he is not an experienced cook so he will not be able to serve you any Polish speciality. If it is necessary please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully,

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