Country worth seeing

If I were to choose in which country Id like to be born in and next to live in, Id choose France with the capital in Paris. France is situated in the west of Europe, next to Spain, Germany and Italy. It has a population of about 56 milion and its territory occupy about 547 tys km2. It is one of the oldest and (in my opinion) the most beautiful country. Paris - the capital of France and the biggest city in this country is situated by the Sekwana river in the heart of France. It is the main ...


Diecezja w Stanach Zjedn. (Teksas)eryg. 9 VIII 1969, sufr. San Antonio. Od 1953 F.W. byław unii z diec. Dallas; zajmuje 62 007 km2 i liczy 1,54 minmieszk., w tym 120 975 katolików, 80 parafii, 59 księży diec.i 60 zak., 72 zakonników, 155 sióstr.


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