Life (piosenka)

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My concept of successful life

Life that we live is the most important gift we have ever received. It is vital to spend it in harmony with our conscience and people we share our life with. Everyone has his own concept of life and aims he tries to reach.

Nowadays, not only does the social position or degree of education indicate the range of...

Music in my life







rebel against – buntują się przeciwko

fashion - moda

amusement - rozrywka

conviction - przekonanie

habit - zwyczaj

willingly - chętnie

youth - młodość

irritate - denerwować

mood - humor

depends on - zależy od

benefits – korzyści

wonder – zastanawiać się

Career or a family life

When people are very young and have good qualifications, ambitions, they often want to be successful in their jobs, they want to earn much money and get promoted more frequently. A lot of them don’t have enough time to meet someone special and to meet his/her family. They often don’t remember about mothers and...

Nam Niemnem

Powieść podzielona jest na trzy tomy. Tom I składa się z sześciu rozdziałów. Akcja każdego z nich poprzedzona jest zwykle rozbudowaną częścią opisową, której zadaniem jest wprowadzenie do następujących po niej wydarzeń oraz przedstawienie bohaterów.

Pierwszy rozdział rozpoczyna się dialogiem...

Piosenka o końcu świata (z tomu Ocalenie 1945)

Pozornie nie przystający do tematu wiersza tytuł jest wyrazem nie­wiary autora w porządek świata. Oksymoroniczne przeciwstawienie formy „piosenki” z zapowiedzią spełniającej się apokalipsy wynika z przeświadczenia poety o stałej nieadekwatności naszych wyobrażeń o świecie – z rzeczywistością...

Piosenka o porcelanie (z tomu Światło dzienne 1953)

Wiersz toniczny, trójzestrojowy (wersy ośmiozgłoskowe: dwa am­fibrachy i trochej lub siedmiozgłoskowe: amfibrach i dwa trocheje), urzeka kunsztowną, regularną strukturą i wyrazistą rytmizacją, nawią­zującą do wiersza klasycznego. Refreniczne powtórzenie zamykające każdą z trzech strof (Niczego mi...

Buddha and his life – speech

I would like to tell interesting story about Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, and his life. He was born in the Lumbini park near Kapilavastu. The name Gautama Buddha by which the historical Buddha is known is a combination of his family name Gautama (his first name was Sidharta) and the epithet Buddha, meaning...

Differences between urban and rural life

Topic: drawing from either Sunrise or It Happened One Night, please discuss the film's presentation of the differences between urban and rural life.

The vast majority of the most original, most remembered silent American movies were made by Europeans, who came to Hollywood being already famous in their own...

Englishman's everyday life (speech)

I'd like to tell you something about an Englishman's everyday life. I'll try to bring you closer their habits on the example of an English family, whom I spent my last year holiday with. Their life was nearly the same as ours, but there were some differences. This family consists of 4 people - my hostmother Maria...

Is life on earth in danger?

Human is quite a strange creature. Although as a species he had appeared on earth not long ago, he was just a step to complete destruction of himself and his planet.

He claims to be the most intelligent amongst animals. But what animal attempts to destroy its own environment.

Within the last 200 years man was...

Life in year 2050

How you think life will have changed by the year 2050?

I think life would be a much easier. The machines will be doing most of dangerous, and hard work. Our life would be full of pleasures e.g. the free genetically engineered, but healthy food for everyone.

The work wouldn't be the style of life because of if...

Money makes our life difficult

For ages money has been a significant factor showing the amount of success in human's life and his position in society. The more money one has the higher on the social ladder he is situated. Many have devoted their lifes to gain as much as they only can, but has it brought happiness in their lifes?

This topic...

"My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close" - poem and thoughts on

Emily Dickinson

"My life closed twice before its close"

My life closed twice before its close

It yet remains to see

If immortality unveil

A third event to me

So huge, so hopeless to conceive

As these that twice befell

Parting is all we know of heaven

And all we need of hell

Thoughts on



Snobbery is regarded as a negative quality. Snobbish people usually pretend that they are better or wiser than others. They also pay too much respect to social position or wealth and often imitate the style of life upper classes that they don't belong to. According to psychologists, almost everyone is inclined to...

Something about love

Love is a feeling which rely on a deep attachment to somebody, on desire for beloved person to be happy. We feel affection for members of our family - parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. In the young and mature age, this feeling appears as a love to the person of different sex - girl or boy, woman or man. Under...


The influence of the music on the society. It is a problem discussed in many ways. The most important matter is the impact that music everybody can listen.

We have many kind of music. From the clasic music to the hard rock and metal. Almost everybody like to hear some music. I think that music is very important...

The role of television in your life

The television matters a lot in my life. I spend many hours in front of my TV. I know that it isn't healthy activity, but I am addicted. I watch everything what is worth seeing, but sometimes I only change the channels all the time-

I like watching news. Especially "Fakty", "Wiadomości" i "Teleexpress". Every...

"The Sick Rose" - poem and thoughts on

William Blake

"The Sick Rose"

O Rose, thou art sick!

The invisible worm

That flies in the night,

In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed

Of crimson joy:

And his dark secret love

Does thy life destroy.

Thoughts on

"A Dream"

Edgar Allan Poe

I think that this poem shows how important and...

Write a story ending with the words: "I have never see him again"

1984 r.

26 July

Dear diary!

It's my first day in this incredible place. All around I hear singing birds, roaring trees, and of course barking of my lovely dog - Phillip. Wild nature - I love it. It's hard to believe that I managed to persuade my parents this long-expected trip. These green trees, beautifully...

Jobs and life styles

All people have their own jobs and life styles. Some of them are workmen, a lot of people work as clerks, others are directors and managers. Some jobs require great effort from us like working in a mine or on the oil platform. Many people, who work as, for example, tour guides or managers have to go abroad and...