Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast

Wybrzeże Jurajskie (ang. Jurassic Coast) – fragment północnego wybrzeża kanału La Manche i zarazem południowej linii brzegowej Anglii. Miejsce to znajduje się na liście światowego dziedzictwa UNESCO pod nazwą Dorset i wschodnie wybrzeże Devon (Dorset and East Devon Coast). Wybrzeże Jurajskie rozciąga się od Orcombe Point w pobliżu Exmouth we wschodniej części hrabstwa Devon aż do Old Harry...

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Japan - Country of my dreams

The rivers are generally unsuited for navigation (only two, the Ishikari and the Shinano, are over 200 mi/322 km long), and railroads and ships along the coast are the chief means of transportation.


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British government since the 1800s

Its curiosity of Africa was big, because of David Livingstone, who traveled from coast to coast and sent back reports about the places he'd seen.

Description of a place (120 - 180 words)

It is sittuatted on the south coast of Great Britain, on the Poole Bay.

El Nino (j.ang)

The year to year changes between above and below normal sea surface temperatures along the coast of Peru produce many different local impacts. Warm years tend to be unfavorable for fishing and some have caused widespread flooding along the coast.

Hong Kong

Located on the southeast coast of China at the mouth of the Pearl River delta 80 miles (130 kilometers) southeast of Canton, Hong Kong is centered around one of the world's largest natural deepwater harbors.

If you were a film director, what kind of movie would you make and why

Since the discovery of film by Lumiere's brothers this branch of economy has developed considerably and nowadays millions of dollars are spent every year on making hundreds of new films. For last few dozen of years films have evolved from low-budget silent ones to huge multimillion productions, like "Titanic" or...

Kołobrzeg (j.ang)

Kołobrzeg belongs to one of the moste visited cities on the coast.

My favourite city

It's on the west coast of Wales.


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The unusual hobbies

At these times his black vehicle can be seen on the Baltic coast.

UK - the climate & the regions

Finally there are the highlands, consisting of mountains and deep valleys and including numerous small islands off the west coast. It is in the central plain and the strip of east coast extending northwards from it that more than 80% of the population of Scotland lives.

Krzysztof Komeda

Początkowe nagrania zabarwione są elementami naśladownictwa stylu cool-west-coast, słychać w nich brzmienie typowe dla Th Mońka, B.


Gold Coast, część wybrzeża nad Zatoką Gwinejską w Afryce Zach.


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W 1664 holenderska eskad­ra pod dowództwem admirała Michiela de Ruytera (1607-1676) zaatakowała i zburzyła kilka angielskich stacji i fortów; Cape Coast pozostało w rękach angielskich.


z Cape Coast (Ghana), Society of the Infant Jesus, zgrom, na prawie diec, zał. 1961 w Cape Coast przez abpa J. w Cape Coast.