Gap year

Gap year (ang. gap – przerwa, dziura oraz ang. year – rok) – to termin, który odnosi się do okresu (niekoniecznie roku) pomiędzy etapami życia. Najbardziej popularny jest gap year w trakcie studiów, przed ich podjęciem lub po ich skończeniu, podczas zmiany pracy, przed lub po ślubie, przed dziećmi lub po ich wychowaniu. Czas ten jest wykorzystywany na zdobycie doświadczenia w nowym, odmiennym...

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England - Informacje Ogólne

Area: 130 420 km2

Population: 48,5 m.

Capital: London

Government: returns 529 members to Parliament; a mixture of 2-tierand unitary local authorities, with 36 countries, six metropolian countries, and 27 unitary authorities.

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II Mother

Head of Government: Tony Blare...

England - Painting

The Oldest painting monuments kept from 7th century second term development this painting happened in 12th century originate than famous illustrations psalters English - norman school. With mural painting keep are all the way to fire in 1834 year very interesting fresco in Westminister, keep altar pictures with...

Japan - Country of my dreams

I was thinking for a long time about a topic of this project, and I thought I write about my favorite country - country, where I always want to go to. The country of my dreams - is Japan.

Japan (Nihon or Nippon in Japanese) is the country occupying 377,835 sq km at an archipelago off the coast of East Asia...

Life in year 2050

How you think life will have changed by the year 2050?

I think life would be a much easier. The machines will be doing most of dangerous, and hard work. Our life would be full of pleasures e.g. the free genetically engineered, but healthy food for everyone.

The work wouldn't be the style of life because of if...

Generation gap

Generation gap is a very common phenomenon in our life. There are many reasons for generation gap.

GAP, Vappincum

, Gap 1909; G. , Gap 1967; T.

The gap between generations ceases do exist.

Within the space of hundreds of years there has always been a gap between a young and an old generation.

It was the best celebration we have ever had; a celebration with a difference. (150 – 200 words)

Everybody loves Father Christmas, but especially children, who get presents from him every year. Father Christmas leaves the gifts either under the Christmas Tree or in a stocking, as happens in the USA. One thing never changes though: he always comes at night, so nobody can see him. It was six years ago… My whole family was preparing for Christmas. My mother was cooking special dishes and my two older brothers were tidying our home. My sister and I were waiting on Christmas presents.

My favourite season of the year

My favourite season of year is winter. It is begun on 22 Dezember and lasts for 22 January. Long and rainy autumn always drives me mad especially being spent in my home because it is unpleasantly and bloomy. I am always waiting for first petals of snow. Winter, in my opinion, characterises walking in the snowy forest, smell of people euphoria, frosty air and snowboarding . All of these factors create an unrepeatable climate of the period.Winter is said to be one of the most fantastic ...

What kind of life can we expect in year 2050?

The year is 2050 You are lying in your bed, watching TV. All at once your stomach starts rumbling, you choose your favourite dish, press one of the buttons and in a few moments it is brought to you by a remote-controlled robot. Let's look at somee other possible changes in a few important areas starting with food. Not long ago microwave ovens appeared in our kitchens and completely changed the way we cook. What will the next step bbe? It is highly possible that by the year 2050 we won't need ...

Zarządzanie luką

Wyrażone ono jest przez gap (lukę0, która stanowi różnicę między aktywami i pasywami w określonym terminie w przyszłości.

Poezja filozoficzna - Widzieć i wiedzieć

Kwiaty nie tylko gapią sięna ludzi, tutaj także „kwiaty wzajem się widzą” (Znikomek).

Gospodarka wodna na Bliskim Wschodzie, problemy polityczne i gospodarcze - ARABIA SAUDYJSKA

Przychylne stanowisko Arabii Saudyjskiej do Turcji powstrzymuje Syrię i Irak przed bardziej zdecydowanymi protestami przeciwko GAP.

A letter to a host family in USA

Dear Father and Mother of a Host Family

The posibility of spending 10 months with You is a true pleasure for me. Let me introduce myself. I come from a medium-size town Zawiercie. For the last year I have been living in a capital city Warsaw but I have been living for some time in Katowice and Kołobrzeg too...

A letter to the exchange agency

Dear Mr and Mrs Williams,

I am writing to ask for information about exchange visits arranged by Your organisation. I read Your advertisement in Polyglot magazine and I would be very grateful, if You could send me further informations about Linguapal.

I am a seventeen-year-old girl from Poland. I live in...

A narrative story

'Snarl in the mist'

It seemed that the day would be as boring as usually, but nothing indicated the horror I would go through. I was sitting in a comfortable armchair eating doughnuts and switching the channels when I found the Local News Channel: 'A boy was torn to pieces by one dog, presumably by a big...


My name is X and my surname is Y. I was born on the 19th of March 1983. now I am seventeen years old. I'm Polish by nationality. I was born in Poland where I live now. My native city is B.

Now let me tell you some words about my appearance and traits of character. I have dark hair and dark brown eyes. I'm medium...

Accident in Roswell

It was year 1947. Over Mexico, states of Arizona and New Mexico many people saw Unidentified Flying Objects in short form UFOs. Mr. And Mrs. Wilmotow from Roswell in New Mexico saw big, bright object which had flown over their house on 2nd of July. And then a farmer - William Brazel, from the same city, saw the...

Advantages and Disadvantages of watching TV

From my point of view , television exemplifies unlimited source of various news and knowledge showing aspects of our lives .

As many people know , we can divide watching TV to situations when it is useful and helpful for us and unfortunately harmful . I will start from good points.I can only say , that I usually...

An ideal teacher

My primary school history teacher repeatedly told his classes that the primary purpose of a teacher was "to teach young people to think." I was deeply impressed by this simple statement. Years later, I can still vividly remember Mrs. Pająk's commitment to engage students in her history lessons to stimulate their...