formuła fama feri wieść niesie), w religiirzym.

The price of fame

Three years ago most of the world has learned about the tragic death of Princess Diana and her companion, Dodi Al-Fayed. Many people were quick to blame the paparazzi, those free-lance photographers who specialize in celebrities. And even though it appears that high-speed driving by an intoxicated chauffeur...


Łac., 'pogłoska', mit. gr.-rz. uosobienie wieści, szybko rozchodzącej się plotki, nieobliczalnej, zmiennej opinii publicznej; rozgłos, sława.

What is the price of the fame?

For teenagers being famous is especially difficult. Famous people not only have fans but they also have opponents. Famous people have a little time for their family,children who are also endlessly observed.