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    STORY ABOUT.....

    One evening I was walking together with my friend and my dog across the park. The weather was very beautiful so I took also a book. We were looking at the starry sky, when we suddenly heard a terrifying scream somewhere behind us. At the beginning we were afraid, but we quickly realized that somebody was asking for...

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    Starting a new hobby or sport - CAE test answer

    Starting a new hobby or sport

    The hobby I want to tell you about is making Web Pages. I've been doing them for two years and I really enjoy it!

    A Web Page is a graphic presentation of an idea, company or anything else that you can access through the Internet simply by entering its URL address. I'm an author of...

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    St. Patrick


    Patrick was born in or about 415 in Carlisle. He was captured by raiders, when he was 16, and spent this time slaving for a master (six years long) in the west of Killala. Then he escaped to Gaul, and went with his family to Britain.

    St Patrick became a bishop (his grandfather was a priest)...

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    Sports news - plotki o świecie sportu

    'Own goal' defender shot dead outside restaurant:

    A Columbian footballer was shot dead yesterday by angry fans that blamed him for their side's early exit from the World Cup. Andres Escobar, a defender who scored an own goal during his side's defeat by the United States team, was confronted by a group of men as...

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    Athletic sports include running, boxing, rowing, jumping, fencing, diving, swimming, weightlifting, putting-the-shot, skating, wrestling, etc. To become proficient in these sports one must practise constanly. They are encouraged in schools, universities and clubs all over the world.

    Other popular outdoor sports...

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    "Sport has become business". Give arguments to support or reject this claim

    Sport is known from centuries. In old Egypt people were playing many games like something like football or volleyball. There were chariot races and first Olympic games in Greece and in Rome. People were playing football, basketball, they were running long and short races. They were also throwing javelin and iron...

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    Something about love

    Love is a feeling which rely on a deep attachment to somebody, on desire for beloved person to be happy. We feel affection for members of our family - parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. In the young and mature age, this feeling appears as a love to the person of different sex - girl or boy, woman or man. Under...

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    Snobbery is regarded as a negative quality. Snobbish people usually pretend that they are better or wiser than others. They also pay too much respect to social position or wealth and often imitate the style of life upper classes that they don't belong to. According to psychologists, almost everyone is inclined to...

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    Słówka - Matematyka (Maths vocabulary)



    algebra - algebra

    arytmetyka - arithmetic

    geometria - geometry

    trygonometria - trygonometry

    linia - line

    linia prosta - straight line

    linia prostopadła - perpendicular line

    linie równoległe - parallel lines

    odcinek - sector, segment

    punkt - point

    czworokąt -...

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    Słówka - od A do W

    Advise - radzic się

    Bald - łysy

    Be located - zlokalizować

    Beard - broda

    Betray - zdradzać

    Bouquet - bukiet

    Brave - odważny

    Broad shoulders - obszerne ramiona

    Bungalow -

    By the way - przy okazji

    Catch your name - złapać nazwisko

    Caviar- kawior

    Consist - składać się

    Culture -...

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