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Your idea of perfect holidays

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

I don’t like winter well my perfect holidays have to be in summer. In summer is warmer and just better. I have bigger choice of my holidays, because I can spend this time in the mountains, at the seaside, at the lake, in the countryside or when I have money I can go abroad. For me the best way to spend this perfect holiday is seaside. Free time with my friends on the seaside is the most relaxing.

I like water sports so I can go to swim or surf. But the best is watching sunsets, it looks wonderful. Every morning before breakfast go to a beach and run. When the sun is shining we can play beachball on the hot sand, it’s funny. But when we are tired we can lie all day in the sun and just do nothing, it’s great. I wish had those holidays in this summer, after my matura exam it will be very relaxing.

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