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Women's Liberation Movement

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /13.11.2011

In the past women had no politycal rights of any kind.They could not make any decisions with regard to their own children or their own property.The history of women's emancipation is largely the history of their struggle for the right to have a job.The first world war brought about the first radical change in employment.Thousands

and thousands of women left their homes to take the pleace of men in factories ,in offices,on the land and on many other jobs-and they worked excellently.The second world war brought still more changes.Men and women worked and even fought side by side,suffered the same hardships and faced the same dangers.

The first world war helped women to gain politycal rights.Shortly after et ended they were given vote in most European countries and in the U.S.A.The second world war proved their equality with men in most sphere of life.The principle of equal pay for equal work was only legally established in 1975,and even now a women's chances of promotion are much smaller than a man's.There are still very few women in top position.

It was in teh U.S.A. that a movement called the Women's Liberation Movement began towards the end of the sixties.It's main role was to fight for legislation that would allow women to have as many oppotunities of interesting and creative work as men have ,get the same pay,and the same chances of promotion.

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