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Women and their rights

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /13.11.2011

According to The Sex Discrimination Act it is against the law to discriminate against anyone in emploiment, training, education and in the supply of goods, facilities and services on the basis of theirsex. Nowadays for the words in advertisement like " or you can be taken straight to the court. If an employer refuses to give a job to a woman because or because then the employer is breaking the law. But sometimes the eyes of the law are closed. For example when six-year-old boys and girls read their first books where they can find stereotypes shown in the pictures like that men are always coming back from work, helping their children with the homework or playing with them. And women are always shown in the kitchen, cooking the meal or by the table - setting it. And nobody sees nothind wrong in these books. But in general I must say that women in our culture have a very good situation.

In the Muslim countries like Jemen women's rights are inadmissably reduced. The majority of their time women spend in the company of other women. They have even created their own dialect hardly understanded for the outsiders. No man except their husband or relative have ever seen their faces, they have never had a job or driven a car. Recently women in Jemen won a right to vote. They are more often seen on the street talking by a mobile-phones or they become someone important in the government. As we can see their situation is getting better.

But in, for example Sudan woman's situation is getting worse. The 15 years long war has changed women simply into plunders. They are kidnapped in the south then sold in the north. They are nothing but slaves. Nobody cares about those women and their children, though this proceder has beeh banned more than 100 years ago.

But there is a place on the Earth where women are respected and dominating in the family. It is a small Paraguai village where the women are those who fight about a man. In the past when two women wanted to marry the same man they were simply fighting. The winner married the man. Through the years this proceder evolved and now it is a fight between a wife and a husband's lover.

Nowadays in western cultures women are regarded as nearly equal as men in many aspects of life. But in fact the men are those who created the whole system, culture and who caused the industrial developement. No matter how women will try they (I mean men) will always dominate. Let's notice that the word refers to the history of man as not to the history of women. And the word itself is just a modification of the word .

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