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Why would I like to have a penfriend, from what country, why?

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /13.11.2011

Many people write letters. They do it because they want to share their experience with friends or family. I would like to have a foreign penfriend for many reasons. I would write in English or Polish. If my penfriend would be from western part of the world I would like to know something about his homeland. What are customs in his country, in what class he is actually, what is he doing in free time and what friends does he have. I would like to have a penfriend from England, United States of America or from Canada most. That because I would like to move there in the future. I would like to write to him about my family, friends and events.

Dear George,

My name is Paul Ufnalewski, I am 14 years old. I have no my own brother or sister. I just have 3 sisters, which do not live with me. I live in capital of Poland, Warsaw. Its very large city, its population is about 2,5 million people. Here, we got quite lot of historic places and buildings. Now I am going to seventh grade. I have got many friends but we don’t met after school. I don’t know why, but I think that no one have so many time because they have got private lessons or they just want to play on computer or watch TV on their own. I like also playing computer games. Especially Real - Time Strategies because I must think lot in them and make fast decisions. I also like doing some graphics or WWW pages, which then I put in the Internet.

In my spare time I am going out with my dog, Sonja. She is young, beautiful Schnauzer. If is it raining I play with her. She have many balls and strings which she plays with me.

I hope that you will write me back soon.

Paul Ufnalewski

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