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Why would I like to go to school trip to England?

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /13.11.2011

There is a 7b class in our school. Their teacher organised them, with parents of the students, trip to England. They are going in April, by bus, for seven days. Maybe I will go with them. I don’t know now. But if I will go I will be very happy.

When you go out of country you see many unknown places and cites. And specially when you are going by bus because when you fly by plain you go over them. You can see places such as Berlin, Paris and Versailles. When you get to England you can see Big Ben, Royal Castle and more beautiful things. You can also train your English, how good you are and what you know. You can met different people as well. Their community spirit is different too. They are very serious and also traditional.

These are some reason, but not all. I really would like to go to England not for one week but for about a mouth. One week isn’t enough for trip to Great Britain.

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