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Why people take drugs?

Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011

Drugs can mean everything from cigarettes and alcohol to heroin, cannabies, amphetamine, LSD and cocaine. They are dangerous for many reasons. They lead to depression, unconsciousness or even death. Many teenagers turn to drugs such as sleeping tablets or anti-depressons to help relax and cope with the stress and problems of their life. They experience many pressures at school, from parents, friends, they are bored, frustrated or frightened.

They think that taking drugs is the best way – out. However they do not realize how dangerous and deceitful it is. There are many reasons why people take drugs. Someone convinced that drugs has a lot of benefits. The drugs help them whenever they are nervous, worried or depressed. When they take drugs they feel perfectly well and enjoy. People think that the problems go away when they take drugs. I think next reason why people take drugs is for pleasure, sometimes for entertainment and as an alternative to alcohol. But later they simply have to take it because they are now drugs addicted.

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