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Why do so many people drive so fast?

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

Car was invented in the beginning of this century. First it was powered by steam. Then Mr. Diesel invented engine powered by rock-oil or benzine. Since then all old and new cars were powered with that fuels. Power of engines were rising from year to year. Now engines have from six to even twelve pistons. They also have direct input of fuel to piston. That think make possible faster acceleration.

Cars’ prices are different. From cheep, small cars, under fifteen thousand z3 like Fiat Punto or 126, to very expensive limousines over one hundred z3 like Chevrolet Voyager or Dodge Viper. But almost every car can go over one hundred km/h. That is why some many people ride so fast. In Poland teenagers can drive car since they finish18 years. That’s the reason there is so many accidents. People drive so fast also because their in hurry. Another reason is that many people are on the drugs or alcohol.

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