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Which would you prefer, to live in a flat or to live in a house of your own?

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

Our housing estate has been build in 1972. It is named NSBM that is Teacher Housing association Building and Housing. There are about nine or ten building in the estate. It have ten flats. I am living in one of them. My parents are living in them for 25 years. I prefer living in flat. I am safer than in the house. No burglar will break in without making a fuss. I can do what ever I want but without doing it to loud. When there is a leaking pipe or some hole in the wall I can call a specialist which must fix that problem. There is another think that I like in living in the flat. I can borrow some thinks like tools or books from my neighbours without going out.

Living in house is not economic. You must by it or rent it from landlord. If you buy you must pay very high prizes. If you are renting it, it will cost more than buying a apartment in the block. Only plus I can see in living in house is that you can do what ever you want and with no hang-up.

I like living in flat. Its quiet and nice. I have no words of contempt against living in house. People can live where ever they want to.

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