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When – While

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

When (dokonane):

I. S. Past + P. Cont.

When it started to rain I was working in the garden.

II. P. Cont. + S. Past

I was working in the garden when it started to rain.

I was speaking (talking) on the phone when the doorbell rang.


I. S. Past + P. Cont.

Someone knocked on/at my door while I was having a bath.

II. While + P. Cont. + S. Past

While I was going back home I came across Peter, an old friend of mine.

While I was preparing the meal the telephone rang.

III. P. Cont. + while + P. Cont.

We were preparing for a test in maths, while our friends were doing shopping.

1. What were you doing when I called you last night?

When you called me last night I was sleeping.

2. What was your sister doing when you came back home yesterday?

When I came home yesterday she was kissing my boyfriend.

3. Where were Ann and Iga going when you met them an hour ago?

When I met them an hour ago they were going to school.

4. Who were you speaking to when I came into the room?

When you came into the room I was speaking to a ghost.

5. What were you waiting for when I came across you?

When you came across me I was waiting for my friend.

6. What happened while you were eating your lunch?

While I was eating my lunch, somebody stole my purse.

7. What did you see while you were walking down the street?

While I was walking down the street, I saw a man in a black coat with a big gun.

Ian Fleming was working as a stockbroker when the Second World War started.

She met her husband, Noel, while she was learning English in Cambridge.

I fell and hurt myself while I was playing tennis.

While I was talking to Barbara, I learned that Tony was in hospital.

I met friend while I was doing the shopping.

I was paying for my things when I heard someone call my name.

While we were having a drink, a waiter dropped a pile of plates.

While the waiter was picking up the broken plates, he cut his finger.

I broke my leg when I fell down in the street.

When he was 19 years old he went to Switzerland.

She was asleep when I returned.

She was reading when I came in.

While he was turning the key in the lock, someone opened a door on the corridor.

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