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What to do during the job interview to make a good impression?

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

Job interviews are never easy. But most of people must cross for them. There are many ways to make a good impression during the job interview. If you are woman you should be smartly dressed, but you shouldn’t wear too much make-up or jewellery. This could annoy employer. If you are a man you should wear a suit. This is very important. You ought to be punctually. If you are late you will have a problem to get a job. The next thing is interview. You should know what you have to talk. You shouldn’t think too long because it will annoy employer. But you must be careful. You shouldn’t talk too fast. You ought to say clearly, what do you want to do. You must also show that you are the best for this job. During interview you should smile. Employers like bright people.

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