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What the more useful inventions in the 20th century? Give some examples

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

20th century is century of science. Not all inventions are useful but without some them we couldn’t life these days. For example: computers. We have access to a lot of information. Everything what we are looking for is in one machine. Computers do many things for us. We could relax with them, play games. Another example could be television. It’s one of invention, which most people have in the world. We can’t imagine life without TV. Thanks to TV we can see the whole world.

Big part of our life represents radio. Sometimes we can’t watch TV because we must clean than we can listen the radio. We can hear new songs, interesting interweaves. Another very useful invention 20th century is car. It’s one of many ways to go to the holiday. But with this invention is a one problem, the petrol is expensive. The more useful inventions could be: x-lays, electrical microscope. They are also useful. Computer, tv, mobile phone, medicine, transistor, laser.

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