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What should business women wear?

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

In today's world as equality of rights is one of the main rules at work, women can feel secure and comfortable in the positions they work. Their career depends on their qualification skills and willingness of getting what they want to reach.

However, the success is not just the question of knowledge the products, the maket or mechanism of the economics. The same things that counts are ability of good communications that means developing good social contacts and appearance. Talking part in a meeting, negotiating a contact. Making arrangements require a personal contact during which the client expects to make it a nice, professional atmosphere. Especially women can make their best to persuade a client by making good impression by their look. In order to be seen as a professionalls women must follow certain rules in the business world - what to wear, how to behave and what to say. One of the nard and fast rule is that a woman should wear clothes she feels comfortable.

Common sense should tell how to dress to the position in question. Although sometimes it is good to know what clothes are expected to be worn by business women. The baggy style in certainly not recommended. Rather then that, women should get to know the high heeled style.

It is also common for an elegant women not to wear too much jewellery and any other ornament. It is not necessary to be always "en vogue" that means to wear hot - fashioned clothing.

However up to date will always be to wear a costume (a skirt and a jacket). Black tights should never go with white shoes and also without a taste would be wearing striped clothes together with checked ones.

Colours like pink, red or any other easily noticed should not be put on. Also heir should be arranged with elegance.

Women should also avoid wearing provocative clothes, which make others feel embarrassed and are not seen with a good grace.

To sum up a modern business woman should wear comfortable and smart clothes, which make her look competent and qualified.

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