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What is your attitudes towards love, friendship (marriage)

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

Love and friendship are very important in our life and I think we all agree that life without them would be impossible. Everyone would like to have a bosom friend(1) - someone reliable(2), loyal(3), sincere(4) and faithful(5) especially when we feel lonely and nothing is going right.

Friends don't have to be the same age and sex, but if they are different sex, it is more difficult to be only friends. In my opinion not very friendship should be love, but every love should be friendship.

Love should be full of devotion(6), fondness(7), sacrifice(8), responsibility(9), tolerance, loyalty(10), and joy(11). It should give us the sense of belonging(12), safety(13) and happiness.

Most of young people don't understand the word "love" and when they talk about love they often think about sex. But love and sex aren't the same. Besides young people fall in love very often and they learn about the true love.

It seems to me that it is more and more difficult to make a friendship(14) nowadays, when people are very busy making money and career.; Sometimes our dreams about our love and life don't make come true and we are depressed. I think we should look around and try to find somebody who also longs for friendship(15) and love.

1 - serdeczny przyjaciel

2 - godny zaufania

3 - lojalny

4 - szczery

5 - wierny

6 - oddanie

7 - czułość

8 - poświęcenie

9 - odpowiedzialność

10 - wierność

11 - radość

12 - przynależność

13 - bezpieczeństwo

14 - zaprzyjaźnić się

15 - to long for ... - pragnąć ...

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