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What is the personality?

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

One of the problem concerned the "personality" relies on the fact that people has different view on the point of meaning of that word. Many psychological dictionaries claim, that term "personality" has no clarification. It's applied in too many diverse contexts, and its meaning is too broad and indefinable. For the sake of the lack of the agreement in this issue, u can't be surprised that there is so much various theories concerned the nature of personality and its development.

The psychoanalytical theories are derived from researches of famous Austrian - Zygmunt Freud. He suggested that basic features of personality are specified early - probably in the first 5 years of our life. It's affected by such experiences like: suckling babies, having permanent meals, learning how to use the toilet and feelings connected with sex. These experiences are gradually integrated or connected together and personality is developing and changing for all childhood, till mature age.

Contemporary splinter groups of these theories are emphasising the way in which children treat themselves and adults, how they make friends, how they treat their enemies and how they suit to specific culture or society.

The other personality group is called "Social Psychology". It concentrates on common situations in society for example: when people meet, talk or interact with others. We observe others and we learn from them. As a result of what we see, we can change our own personality.

Some theories explaining personality are placing emphasis on individuals and the basic model of behavior, which resides in each of us. Connecting to that theories, we are like ships sailing through the life, which are propelling by engines. Sometimes different circumstances have an influence on going off course, sometimes we r running aground, and from time to time we must take over the rudder, to steer clear of obstacle. But generally we still make a progress, thanks to this "engines" which are inside us.

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