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What do people in my age can do during this winter holidays? What sports can they practice, where they can go, what would i like to do most during this winter holidays?

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

In February we have winter holidays. I think that they are from 5th to 22nd . Probably I will stay in home. I am not sure because maybe I will go to Mountains, to Ustron, that place where I was in the last summer. To nice, big, house at the foot of the mountain. But if I will stay in home I will probably play computer games, sleep or read some good book.

I think, that people in my age can do many thing. They can stay in home and read books, watch TV, play many games or go out to playground. If there is a snow they can make snowman or start snowball war. If there is not any snow they can go out too. There are many things to do. They can play blind man's buff or hide and seek. They can also go to theirs friends or family homes. They can also go to Cinema, park, museum or other interesting places.

I think that, there are much more things to do. But I must wait till February.

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