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What do i think about school radio?

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

I think, that the school radio is very good idea. I am running it with four other people. All apparatus like microphones, tape decks and amplifiers are in Headmistress office. We must go on a break and run school radio from there. But sometimes we can’t go there because Headmistress has some guests and she is asking us to go out or her secretary says that we can’t go inside.

There is also other problem. Headmistress sad us that, music is too loud and too hard to listen so we can play it only at one break. There wasn’t any music played in this and last week because our “them” wasn’t at school so I couldn’t run it by myself. But I think that, school radio is great idea and I hope that we will run it in further.

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