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What causes marriage problems? What are the best ways of solving them?

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

Very often a boy loves a girl and a girl loves a boy, they get married and they are happy. But sometimes after some years these people get divorced or they live in separation. In my opinion there are different causes of divorce and marriage problems. Very often betrayal causes problems. If husband cheats on wife, she will distrust him and if wife cheats on husband also he’ll distrust her. Because the best of good matrimony is trust so that marriage has a little chance to survive. Parents who interfere in marriage cause sometimes marriage problems. There are many way of solving marriage problems. Husband and wife should be more trusting and tolerant. They ought to learn forgive and go on compromise. They have to accept their own partner. They should solve owns problems by themselves. In my opinion if people love each other they will solve problems.

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  • honesty talk, go to psychology or guidance service, separation, holiday, romantic supper

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