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What are the examples of superstitions? Are you superstitious?

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

Very often many people believe on superstition because they think that this is way on happiness. Sometimes superstitions are very funny and meaningless but nobody thinks about their sense. I know many superstitions.

  • When we see chimney sweep we will have good luck but we have to grab button and we may let it go if we see man with glasses

  • If you put up an umbrella at home while you are going out, you will have bad luck.

  • If the black cat crosses the road in front of you will have bad luck

  • If we don’t want to be unlucky we oughtn’t to go under ladder.

  • When we meet a nun we should spit through left arm.

  • Some numbers may be lucky or unlucky.

I am not superstition. In my opinion people want to blame other things like black cats or ladder. But they have to think about it because maybe there is them fault.

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