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Weekend trip

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

When I saw the place in broad daylight, I was stunned. We came here last night on saturday. It was dark, we opened old mansion in rush. Mansion was situated near graveyard, but we didin't tell girls about it. As soon as we entered we heard strange noises. I went upstairs and saw old, dead body. It had been lying here for ages, and now it looked like a standard skeleton.

I decided that we will sleep in kitchen. And that was the mistake. We went into the kitchen, and suddenly big axe held by zombie split my best friend in two pieces. Girls started to sceram, and run away. I stayed alone eye to eye with two meters high creature. I had to think fast. I took the axe from my friends' body, it was covered with boold and bones, and I hit the zombie. A second mistake, zombie split in two, then in four, then in eight. I was forced to use my new flame thrower. Thanks god, I took it with me.

Zombies were runnig all over the house. I killed the last one just before sunrise. House was full of boold, bones, and smoke coming from zombies dead, burned bodies. I went outside the mansion in order to find the girls. Sun was high on sky, so I could see the graveyard. My girlfriend was dying, she wisperd - "I'll see you when you get there" and passed away. Now I had to find the other girl. I thought that she survived, but I was wrong. I get into my helicopter crying.

I was desperated, my best friend, his girlfriend, and finally my girlfriend we lying dead beetween bones, blood, and splashed brains. And all that just becouse we thought it would be funny to play gostbasters. I started the engine and flu away. But before this I made one circle to look at this battlefield. When I saw the place in broad daylight from atlitude of 100 meters, I was stunned. I set the automatic pilot and lost my councious.

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