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Ways of spending free time

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

Most people have their free time everyday. Sometimes they are bored but other time they try to do something pleasant. They have different hobbies, which help them to relive stress and forget about everyday work and problems. There are many kinds of activities which they like to do but all of them have their own favourite way of spending free time – it depends on sex, age and where they live.

A lot of people like travelling. They search for new places which they’ve never seen and for exciting experiences connected with travelling. Some go to the mountain, where they can test their strength. Others go to the sea or to the lake, where they rest: they have a sun-bath and they bathe and they can also go by a yacht or a ship. A lot of people, like my parents, are fond of(=like) travel to other countries, to see some monuments, new wonderful places. For example, my parents want to go to Greece this summer to visit famous Greek temples and other interesting buildings.

Many people practise sport regularly in their spare time. After work they like playing football or basketball or running. They know that sport is a good way to relax so they always try to have at least a little time for everyday practising sport. Most doctors say that sporting is needed for good development of our health – I think that it’s true. Many people in my town, the young men particularly, like keeping fit and they often go to the gym in their spare time.

In my town leisure habits of the young are going to the cinema, to pubs, practising sport, meeting with friends at parties, walking. Women also like to do shopping every weekend. We have some places where we can meet, for example few pizzerias, cafes or pubs, some sports facilities, the park in the centre of the town, where we may rest and breathe fresh air. The young often meet with their girl/boyfriends in their free time and sometimes they like going to the Muchawka river.

Some people (like me) like using computer in their spare time. They have a great pleasure when they can play computer games or to know new computer programmes – this is the kind of a hobby. Other people can sit down in front of the TV set and watch it a whole day. A lot of people like resting listening to music or the radio. Some men like going to the river or the lake to fishing. I think it’s a good way of exercising our patience and I think it’s very boring.

Many people fascinated by cars like cleaning and repairing their cars in their leisure time, this is the pleasure for them. In my opinions it’s a very useful activity because it develops people’s qualifications as mechanics.

There are a lot of people who like staying home in their free time instead of going to parties or to the cinema. They are too tired to go somewhere, they like resting and relaxing at home with their family. Some people go to see their friends or visit their families in the country. But there are also people who generally have little free time or haven’t got it at all. I think it’s very bad when people haven’t time for their family and to rest and they live in stress all the time.

We have many different leisure habits but I think that everybody likes resting, relaxing and do some things they like best. I can’t imagine not having any free time – I think that living without it for a long time is impossible. In my opinion our happiness depends (to a high degree) on our ways of spending free time.

generally – w ogóle

high degree – w dużym stopniu

sunburn – opalać się

patience – cierpliwość

fish – łowienie ryb

sport facilities – ob. spor.

at least – przynajmniej

practise sport – uprawiać sport

search for - szukać

test – wypróbować

strength – siła sunburn – opalać się

bath – kąpać się

sun-bath – kąpiel słoneczna

sun-bathe – opalać się

to a high degree – w dużym stopniu

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