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Violence in Poland

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

Violence it is one of principal problems not only in Poland but in all the world. Every day we can hear on television, radio or read in newspapers about people who were killed, robbed, arrested or who were guilty.

In my point of view in last years the problem of violence seriously increased. Many young people discharge their unjustified aggression durning football matches in schools or just on streets. This phenomena usually occur as a result of poverty and frustration. Aggression increases in societies where there are a lot of unemployed people. Very often people behave aggressive when they are under influence of alcohol. They don't care about their future, but they only want survive. Very often violence is a result of liberal laws and infirmity of authority.

If half the energy that goes into violent acts were put to good use, at improving living standards and providing education and employment for all, people would be happy and life would be peaceful, but now everything goes in opposed directions.

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