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Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

The problem of vagrancy has been known since man became civilised.

There are people who work hard for their money and earn it in a way that is believed to be ordinary and normal, though there are people who collect money in a different way. They beg for it or make a performance on the street and hope they will earn in that simple way. Usually they don't make such a bad living, so my question is:

What for are we sitting in school and learning eight hours a day? The answer: to have warm bad, roof over our heads, the ability of taking a hot bath every day, to have children and to be able to educate and give them appropriate start in adult life. And what is most important: to feel safe.

Maybe for people who choose this kind of living freedom and independence is more important, maybe when they were leaving school, families or work they weren't conscious of the consequences.

But, of course, not every vagrant has chosen his predicament. I think that majority of down and outs are people who lost their jobs, families, material goods, because of recession, war, natural calamities, or health problems. Those are people who want to work, but for some reasons they cannot improve their lifestyle.

There is practically no help for those people, cause we are misguided by strong and healthy men who could work if they wanted, but they find begging easier.

Government appropriate very little money for helping people in the need to stand firm.

Consequently charities are organising hospices where afflicted with illness, old and destitute people can get a hot meal and warm bad.

Unfortunately there is no panacea for this problem. The only thing we can do is to be more open to social issues and contribute to charities.

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