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Using some of the theories of leadership we have discussed in class which theory do you personally subscribe to any and why?

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Leadership is concerned with the vision and mission of a leader. Future goals as well as personal traits and behaviour are important approaches to understand and creating a leader. To fulfill their role, leaders have to motivate people and seek new ways to do this. As we studied different theories in class it was hard to choose one which I personally subscribe to.

In my opinion, contingency theory has a significant meaning because is the only one theory which focus on particular variables related to the environment. I also learned that there is no best way of leading and that leadership style that is effective in some situations may not be successful in others.
The theory has three important dimensions: leader member relations, task structure and position power. (source: Leadership theories) This means that there is an assumption of no simple right way. Style of a leader has to vary according to situation and that in fact give control over people and things which are happening in the company. People differ in intelligence, dependability so the leader must have personality and character to be able to guide them. By implementing this strategy he or she becomes very effective and efficient.

Another theory which I find interesting is transformational theory focused on the relationship between leaders and followers. Leaders which use this theory; motivate and inspire people as well as help the group to performance better. It seems to me that these leaders have high ethical and moral standards; they believe in people and have ability to deal with complexity.
I believe that, if someone wants to be a good leader he or she should have a good relationship with the employees. They should have the employees’ trust and help them to achieve organizational goals, because if employees are satisfied in they work they perform better. The organizer motivates them to work not only for personal benefit but also for the good of the company. Leaders should support and listen to their employees, because only by doing that employees will feel respected and able to achieve greater goals.

To conclude, there are many theories of motivation, but leaders must seek the one which suits their own style as need. Perhaps their behaviour might change in certain situations and that is why subscribing to one theory is very difficult thing. I also think that we should not follow only one theory, because what works for others might not adapt to a particular situation. That is why I personally will try to find my own way of leading and influencing people.



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