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Tropical forests

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

Tropical forests have a significant effect on the global climate. They are not only Earth's "green lung", but also represent the ecosystem with the greatest diversity and largest number of species ever known.

The Amazon jungle is the biggest zoo on Earth, the home of almost half of the worlds 8500 different species of birds and at least 1200 kinds of butterflies. It is also the area of Cofanes, Huaronis, Sionas and Secoyas, some of the tribes still inhabit the ecuadorian jungle region.

Even so, each second of every day sees the destruction of a rain forest area the size of a football field. If this rate is unchanged, forests will last for another 47 years. With the high rate of destruction that is happening to the Amazon Rain Forest, at least five species of plants and animals become extinct every day.

Tropical forests are endangered for a number of reasons. For one, the enormous amount of clear- cutting done for tree plantations of fast-growing trees used for pulp and paper products. Second one is illeagal logging. Loggers cut down mahogany and destroy hectares of tropical forests by making Another is the traditional method of shifting cultivation that has characteriased farming in the forests for thousands of years.

If we want to terminate the loss of trees in the Amazon jungle, we have to be awake to the danger of our position. People have to understand that we cannot exist without rainforests, and that with every cut down tree, we contribute to extinction of many species.We also need to help set up regulations for these tropical forests and find ways to use them without destroying them.

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