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Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

I think that to be and to have are the basics problems of human existence. In today`s times man can or to be, that is to proceed peaceably with one`s own conseience, and according to own ideals, or to have, that is to be possesor of greatest quantities of material goods, without looking on needs of other people. Man living in "worship of money" society aims to satisfaction exclusively one`s carnal needs, without taking into account needs of his soul.

One can notice that in consumer-societies of westerly countries, exacly in France or Germany. Young people dosn`t have higher values according to which they could proceed. In these countries in the course of last twenty years proportional coefficient of crimes, and drug habbit grow several times. Such situation causes intensive activity of sects, which wont to use people instantly and hardly seeking substance of life.

Summing up, I think that it is good to have , but aiming at our financial succes we can`t lose oneself.

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