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Three generations under the same roof. What conflicts occur in this kind of family?

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

In the beginning I would like to sort my reflection in two parts:-In first part I will show the negative parts of living in that kind of family. -In second part I will show the positive parts. I'll show the examples from my own and my friends live too.

Let's start!

The living in the same roof with your parents and grandfather or grandmother (or both of them ) is very interesting and instructive, but disturb too. For a example when I meet my grandfather all things are O.K. but when I stay with him longer than two hours , He ( my grandfather ) starts to tease with me - I hate it!! Of course it mustn't be in all families. Another thing witch steps on my head is the conflict between your father and grandfather ( especially when you spend free time with them on the picnic or something like that ) It is the matter about your grandfather is very corrective for your father and he(g.father) always knows all things better, the conflict starts when our parent doesn't wont to listen his parents advice because he doesn't wont to destroy his image of the head of his own family. The another (and the most often ) example of conflicts is the conflict between the mother and her mother-in-law, but this is so much complicated for me.

But we have some positive parts of living with your grandparents under the same roof too. The help what grandparents can make for parents when they are educating the baby is very useful. I remember when my grandfather was taking me on the fishing and voyages in the forests. And now when I am in high school (lyceum) my grandparents are my best source of money J.

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