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They stood together in the dark and waited, as the footsteps came closer... (story, CPE level)

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

They've known each other from their early teens. They were going to the same class in the secondary school, had the same hobbies and interests. Among their hobbies was the sailing, and, as they called it, it "was the most wonderful thing a man can do". They started sailing yet in the secondary school, and during the studies became one of the best racing crews in their country. For a few years everything was going very good - they won lots of races, finished their studies, and even took part in the annual Australian race, which is considered as one of the greatest difficulty and prestige. Until now.

Now they were lying on a beach, breathing heavily and wondering why they're still alive. Through the rainstorm they could scarcely see a strange shape a mere hundred yards away. It was the remainder of their yacht, a 45-foot wooden Conrad class boat, which they bought two years ago. They didn't really knew what had happened, and wondered if they'll survive long enough to find it out.

The rainstorm didn't seem to be going away. To make things worse, it was getting really cold. When they were thrown into the water, it was already getting dark. They were wearing so called "waterproof" clothing, but, under these conditions, every piece of their clothes was soaking with water. "Let's go" he whispered. "We must find some shelter, until we want to be flushed back to the sea by this goddamned rain!". She didn't say anything. She wanted only to lay down and rest. She was so tired by her recent fight with the groaning sea, that she had no energy even to answer him. But her consciousness told her that she has to move or she'll die. And she didn't want to die, not after she managed to get to the safety that was given by this... "Where are we?" she whispered. "Later. Now let's move!".

He grabbed her by the hand and forced to stand up and move away from the sea. After making a few steps they heard a strange noise, and through the curtain of falling rain they managed to see some very strange silhouettes. "Who is it?" she asked, fear clear in her voice. Something was wrong. He didn't answer. He just stood and watched as the silhouettes closed towards them. She looked at them again and... saw nothing. But she could still hear the footsteps. "What do we do now?" she asked. "Wait." He answered. She grabbed his hand, and pulled him towards her. In that position they stood together in the dark and waited, as the footsteps came closer...

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