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There are many languages and cultures which are disappearing or have already disappeared from the world

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

Latin, Greek and Yiddish are dead languages. Latin is used by doctors and in biological terms. Yiddish is used by orthodox Jews. Another example is the pagan culture which was destroyed by Christianity. The culture and traditions of Inks or Aztecs died out when Europeans arrived in America.

Today many cultures are disappearing and life-style is changing. The reason is the great influence of American culture wish all its films, McDonalds, fast food, advertisements, cigarettes and even drugs. All those come from America.

Many cultures and languages in Africa, Asia and South America die because young people move to big cities. They want to work and to learn. The world is evolving. Its language and cultures are mixing and changing and this process will still go on.

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