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The society is made of many sorts of people

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

The society is made of many sorts of people. We have different colour of skin, different religion, views, nationality, knowledge, characters. Some of us are disabled people, some homeless. There are many criminals, ill-mannered and uncultivated people. They are all citizens and it is not possible and not right to eliminate groups of those, who are not comfortable for us.

We have to be conscious about the fact that tolerance is the most important thing in our lives. People should remember, that II WW was caused by persecuting the Jews. Some people claim that they are tolerant, but in reality they are not. I think that this is caused by the fact, that those people know Afro-Americans or disabled people only from films. Many of us are not tolerant, because we do not know how to behave and what the response will be. Thrillers create a bad effigy of mentally ill human beings.

We are very often afraid of them, because we think they will hurt us. If we want to coexist in the world, we have to take out only good things from people and use them for society’s advantage. Everyone has a gift, which can be used. We should try not to notice other people’s bad features, but only the positive ones. It is very hard for "different people" to live in current world and we should not make it more difficult. I know that some of us think, that world would be better without criminals, homeless people and drug addicts. But it cannot be so, because we are different and it is not possible to change evil people into "angels".

World without eccentrics, geniuses and artists would be boring. I am happy that I live in a world of variety. What I do not like is intolerant people, who claim they hate someone, because he or she is "bad", but it is not true, they do not hate, they just do not know them. In world of animals we see that all this variety of species is important, loss of any kind of animal’s or plant’s class unsettles the balance in nature. The same happens in human world, so we should believe in nature’s wisdom and accept ourselves as we are.

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