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"The Sick Rose" - poem and thoughts on

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

William Blake

"The Sick Rose"

O Rose, thou art sick!

The invisible worm

That flies in the night,

In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed

Of crimson joy:

And his dark secret love

Does thy life destroy.

Thoughts on

"A Dream"

Edgar Allan Poe

I think that this poem shows how important and also how sad memories can be. That they are always with us and it is almost impossible for them to leave us alone. What is, both, bad and wonderful.

In "A dream" Edgar Allan Poe shows the bad side of memories. Memories, which only remain about happy times. Unfortunately we cannot spend our whole life in an imaginary world, continuously dreaming about past. Sooner or later we have to "wake up" and come back to our normal life, to the real world. After it, when we compare our situation with this, about which we dreamed, only one thing that left for us is a sad reflection about our sorrowful life. Dreams show us that we have or could have a better, happier life and the fact that we do not have it right now has left us "broken-hearted."

To express the difference between real life and dreams Poe uses contrasting words like dark -- light, joy -- broken-hearted. Everything that we experience now is like dark night, full of sadness and scary things, hopeless. Memories are like light, easy and friendly.

When we observe the present world the only way to not be hurt too much is to go back to our past. Thinking about things that happened a long time ago are much easier than fighting with everyday problems. Also "Turned back upon the past" sometimes can help us to understand our situation, the place in which we live, things that we do daily, people that are on our way to happiness. Everyone needs some time for meditation and reflection on his/her life.

Edgar Allan Poe names dreams "A lonely spirit guiding" they care about us, they try to make us strong enough to stand face to face with life, they show us the way to a more perfect way of life. Dreams cannot be our enemies, because we make them by ourselves, if something does not go well and we want to change something, at first we always start from imagining the new situation. Our imagination and dreams are very powerful, but on the other hand "visions" very rarely see the bad aspects of the future. They also do not remember the awful things that happened in past, so when we daydream we think that our happiness has gone. The truth is that we remember just the good, bright things, forgetting the unhappy ones.

I think that it is a very mystical poem. It takes us into the zone of a kind of magic. We can never completely explain our dreams. They can have many meanings, which depending on the situation we are in a given time. Edgar Allan Poe allows us to look at the dreams as our friends, and exist for bringing help, giving us time for rest, but also reminding us that our situation can be "dark" compared to how "bright" it might be.

Our drams are a kind of the mirror to real life - the image may change, but some of the features remain the same. What is very important to remember is that dreams cannot exist without life. To have memories we have to have a past. From this point of view dreams are not very powerful. Instead they exist "Truth's day-star," which always will be better and is only the picture in our minds. Real day will exist even if we do not want it. We cannot lie about thing that everyone can see, and this fact makes this part of life "purely bright."

I like this poem. It sets problem which I can think about, when I dream. I always loved daydreaming, but I never looked on it in this way. Memories were so important, and I see some rule. When I recall things, which happened long time ago I rarely remember bad, unhappy situations, instead of it I see colourful, joyful pictures. I think that this fact make dreams, memories so interesting, so wonderful. When we stopping to dream we feel that our life is grey and sad.

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