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The person I most admire - Marilyn Manson

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

If people are going to hate me, I want them to hate me for right reasons.


Brian Warner was born in 1969 in Ohio.He isn`t very popular as Brian Warner.People know him as Marilyn Manson, the famous pop singer who likes to shock and scream on stage. He is also a strange person in his private life, because he is unusual,different from others and sometimes scary.He called himself Marilyn Manson -it`s a kind of tribute to Marilyn Monroe(his first name) and a famous killer who murdered Roman Polanski`s wife-Sharon Tate-Charles Manson.

Manson is a strange-looking, slim person with make-up on his face.His hair is red, sometimes blond or sometimes even green. He has long nails and ear-rings. He wears coloured contact lenses- his left eye is blue and his fight eye is black.

He wears platform shoes and leather trousers.He likes two colours- red and black. His stage creations are full of leather, plastic,feathers etc.

Manson`s private life is very mysterious.Nobody knows what he is doing or has he a girlfriend. His friend is Trent Reznor -the leader of industrial group called Nine Inch Nails.He also had a girlriend once. But I think he hasn`t got anybody except for members of his group "Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids"-Madonna Wayne Gacy, John5, Daisy Berkovitz, Sara Lee Lucas and Twiggy Ramirez(those are men not women!).They made six records together -"Antichrist Superstar", "Portrait Of An American Family", "Smells Like Children", " Mechanical Animals" and "The Last Tour On Earth". Their most popular songs are "Rock is dead"(from the film "Matrix"), "Beautiful people" and "The dope show".

People hate Manson.They think he`s evil and bad and their children shouldn`t listen to his records. Well, I listen to him and I`m normal.His music is based on hate and screming, and when I`m angry I listen to it and relax. Manson is screaming about my bad thoughts and I don`t have scream at somebody really irritating to show my anger.People spit on Manson but they also love him.Why is he so popular? I think he`s popular because he`s ambitious, mysteious and shocking and he ins`t afraid to scream his opinion loud. I admire him for that.

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