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The National Gallery of London

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

The National Gallery was founded in 1824. It is situated on Trafalgar Square where the main entrance is. We were there in a third day of our trip. We could see one of the greatest collections of European painting in the world. During our tour through the gallery we were watching many different exhibitions of paintings.

"Telling Time" exhibition explored fascinating relationships between time and paintings. We could admired works by Rembrandt, Turner and Munch. In a parallel room was an 'eye-tracking' device which helped to examine how the act of looking at paintings is itself a process that takes place over time.

"Impression: Painting Quickly in France, 1869 - 1890". In 1860s Edward Manet began to paint works whose execution characteristic of informal oil sketches, but which he exhibited as finished paintings. Over the next few decades, artists like Monet, Morisot, Renoir, Sisley and Van Gogh all experimented with this novel mode of painting.

The exhibition brought together more than 70 paintings by this artists. We could enter to The National Gallery for free. Only an "Impressionists Exhibition" was paid. It is really worth coming there, because we could see many famous and beautiful paintings and works by known artists. Besides it is very educative, because if we wanted to know something about a particular painting we could just ask one of the curators working in the gallery. Personally, I like watching paintings and art and I'm really glad that we came to The National Gallery in London.

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